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Our company can easily deliver manganese to companies in need of manganese via the Bosphorus and the Mediterranean and Aegean ports, which are the safest trade routes in Europe and Asia. Due to its location, Turkey/Türkiye is a bridge connecting Asia and Europe. The manganese ores you are trying to supply from African or Asian countries may arrive at your facilities late due to various geographical problems. Our company, Manganese25, delivers manganese ores to our valued customers in the fastest and safest way. Situations such as wars, political events, and epidemics may affect the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz and cause the commercial flow to stop. The tons of manganese ore you purchase from our company will be delivered to your facilities or your country in the fastest and highest quality way. We have the capacity to deliver tons of manganese to all over the world by road or sea. To get detailed information, you can contact our operations team by phone or e-mail.



Our Ore

What is manganite type ore? Manganese oxide-hydroxide, which crystallizes in the monoclinic system, appears as a mineral in the formation of MnO. Manganite crystals are prismatic and have deep stripes parallel to their length. It is grouped like this. In terms of color formation, it has a dark steel gray color. It also appears as iron black. It can be shiny or semi-metallic.

Psilomelane, hollandite and romanechite are the general names of the hard manganese group. Psilomelane is formed by the combination of hydrous manganese oxide containing barium and potassium.

Our ore is the type of manganese sought in the Iron and Steel, Chemical, Battery, Battery Production sectors as well as healthcare and hundreds of other sectors. We can deliver the tons of manganese ore you need, whether processed or unprocessed.

Why us?

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As we have stated before, Turkey/Türkiye is a bridge connecting Europe and Asia. In case of possible political turmoil or war in Africa, trade routes can be stopped. Suez Canal ship traffic can be closed, and companies may lose millions of dollars as a result of the decrease in water in the Suez Canal, especially in the summer months. When you work with our company and purchase ore through Manganese 25 company, the materials can be delivered to your company and country from the safest ports of the Bosphorus or the Mediterranean and Aegean.

In case of political tension or war on the Strait of Hormuz, countries can block ship passage. Such situations can slow down the supply chain. If you work with us, you can reach manganese ore quickly and safely by sea or road.

Although there is political turmoil or wars around Turkey/Türkiye is the safest trade route over Asia and Europe. In accordance with the Montreux Straits Treaty, it directs ship entry and exit.

In pandemic or global situations, the Suez and Hormuz Straits can be closed. Truck and container transportation on highways can be stopped. If you purchase manganese ore from our mine through our company, your ores will be delivered to your company, even if there are global problems.

You can contact our operations team to purchase Manganese ore safely and quickly.


Capacity of our manganese mine and detailed information

Potential Manganese ore area: 10,804,287 M2
Possible and probable reserves: 32,412. 861 tons.
Possible reserve: 17,441,976 Tons.
Probable reserve: 14,970,885 Tons.

For sample and laboratory analysis, please contact our operations team.

Where to buy manganese ore?

You can buy manganese ore by contacting our operations team, which is active 24/7. We can supply to all countries including Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia, South America, and Japan. You can contact our company to purchase quality manganese ore.

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